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Date posted: 25th February 2020

25th February 2020

New Survey finds Half of UK workers say poor workplace tech is bad for their health

New Survey finds Half of UK workers say poor workplace tech is bad for their health

Two-thirds of senior decision makers say poor workplace tech is affecting their work-life balance, mental health and financial wellbeing

With mental health affecting around 15 percent of the UK’s workforce, our partners HIVE360 commissioned a survey of more than 1000 workers in a range of roles to identify the impact poor workplace technology has on mental wellbeing. The findings reveal that for more than half (59%) of senior decision makers, think workplace technology has an adverse effect on their mental health. This is more of a problem than it should be because stigmas and taboos around mental health appear to still exist in the workplace. In fact,  more than a quarter (28%) of UK workers say they would be uncomfortable speaking with their employer about their mental health issues. 

The impact: Losing out on employee happiness significantly impacts productivity, business growth, retention, client/ customer service and more…

An engaged and happy workforce can transform a business. The positive link between engaged employees and improved productivity is proven and well documented, with figures putting increased productivity at between 20 and 25 percent* when a workforce says it is engaged with the business. 

As well as performance and productivity, employee engagement can accelerate business growth and has a positive impact on levels of absenteeism, staff retention, innovation, client and customer service, and on employee purpose and their communication of their employer brand.

The solution: providing access to an easy to use technology platform that includes wellbeing and financial support

CEO of HIVE360 David McCormack explains: “Growing numbers of staff are looking beyond financial gain from an employer, and we know that more and more people are actively looking for a positive work-life experience. How much employees are engaged with the business and their employer plays a significant role in their overall health and wellbeing.  If employers offered tangible support on issues such as mental and physical health as well as financial wellbeing, the impact on employee productivity levels and the overall performance of the business would increase significantly.”

I found the research released recently a very interesting. It highlights two key areas that are negatively impacting mental wellbeing at work. It struck me that this is all avoidable if we focus on supporting employees in a couple of key areas – the right tech and the right financial advice. Currently workplace technology seems to fall short of providing access to the information people need  to feel that their work delivers what they want and expect. For example, access to information and support about finances and pensions, and to resources that help maintain good mental health, is key to happier, healthier and more engaged employees. 

The survey confirms that workers want to see things like salary, benefits and pension information.It is vital that this technology is easy to use and provides information staff want on the platforms and devices they use every day. 

I found the study very helpful in highlighting the binary choice employers have in creating a happy and productive workplace – or one that simply doesn’t meet our mental wellbeing needs. Fortunately, Hive360 is running a range of seminars to discuss the issues, highlight the research and suggest some solutions.

A free business growth event discussing the survey findings

HIVE360 and Peach Law are hosting a series of free business growth events in Manchester and Birmingham to explain to employers the cost effective growth strategies for employee engagement, and discuss the findings of the survey. For more information and to book a place: https://www.hive360.com/ignite-business-growth-event-2020/ 

About Hive360

HIVE360 champions a new model of employment administration and employee engagement for the UK market by empowering businesses to deliver essential communication, wellbeing support and lifestyle benefits to their people. 

* Based on the findings of studies into the benefits to organisations of investing in employee engagement strategies, including by the McKinsey Global Institute.