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Date posted: 10th October 2022

10th October 2022

Meet Inspirathon speaker – Dr Jerry Gule

Meet Inspirathon speaker – Dr Jerry Gule

Meet the Inspirathon 2022 speaker, Dr Jerry Gule. Sign up free for the Inspirathon

Dr Jerry Gule is CEO, Institute of People Management. Jerry was General Manager: Marketing Services Competency Centre, an in-house consulting unit of TotalEnergies. He also was General Manager: HR and Transformation at TotalEnergies.

In 2016 he founded Gule Executive Coaching (Pty) Limited, a coaching business. GEC has served in South Africa, Malawi, ESwatini, Equatorial Guinea and China. Jerry is involved in the community and is Chairperson of a Board in an NGO that is into early childhood education and education of vulnerable children. He is also committed to gender mainstreaming and disability inclusion in the workplace.

Why do you do what you do?

I do what I do because I know that someone somewhere will be inspired by the stories I tell of things I have encountered and the lessons I have learnt and what I have done after learning these lessons and the advice that has served me well. I do it to inspire others.

Describe your talk in 100 words

Creating inspiring workplaces does not require rocket science and sophisticated formulas. All it takes is to show up as humane leader prepared to lead from any side (back, front, centre or on the side, Lead where you are needed understanding that the adults your work with be they within proximity or far remote from you are first adults, second they have their own goals, dreams and ambitions.  My role as their leader is to clear the path together with them so that they can do the best work they are capable of and make the most impact in the their world and fulfil their life purpose in the space whether they are benefiting themselves, the organization they have dedicated their lives to and serving their communities and customers through their efforts. The role of the leader is to inspire forward movement, set the right pace for everyone and call for restful pauses before the energy is and spirit is depleted so that during these pauses the team can re-energize and re-fuel.

What problems will your talk solve for our audience and why is it needed?

In a world where “fake” rules the talk will re-ignite self-belief in being authentic deepy human and real. It will illustrate the importance of why leaders ought not to fear being genuine and empathic with their teams to help their teams and themselves reduce toxicity that debilitates. 

What valuable insights, strategies, tools or techniques will our audience walk away with?

Insights will include: Conversations you should have with your team, the 3 sure fire and basic questions to ask in a one-on-one meeting so that your team members feel that you care. The liberating concept of Ubuntu and how to practice it.

What do you think will be the major differentiator of the workplace of the future, as opposed to the way we work today?

Places that have mastered the art of enabling all voices to be heard even those that do not get raised.

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