2025 Inspiring Workplaces Awards now open for entries
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Date posted: 19th July 2023

19th July 2023

Inspiring Leaders Awards Opens For Entries Today

Inspiring Leaders Awards Opens For Entries Today

July 19, 2023 – The Inspiring Workplaces Group opens the Inspiring Leaders Awards today – giving your organization an opportunity to highlight your leadership’s qualities. These awards that recognise the individuals that continue to go above and beyond to positively impact the organisation and the people within it. It enables you to show that leadership is part of the DNA of your organization and can be found at all levels. It recognises the people behind inspiring workplaces.

You can find out more, view past winners, and how to nominate here.

In the third year running, the awards are open for four different levels within the organization:

  • CEO
  • Senior Leadership
  • Management
  • Frontline

We have done this as different levels within an organisation have unique challenges and conversely unique ways in which they are able to influence and inspire the people around them.

The benefits of entering are:

  • Win worldwide acclaim and demonstrate you put people first
    • Internally and to the outside world
  • Retain and attract the best people
    • Strengthen your employer brand by being recognised as a Top Inspiring Leader
  • Validation for your team, culture and organisation
    • Winning such an award can validate your culture, values, and leadership development efforts. It can also boost morale and engagement among your staff.
  • Increase customer trust – customers buy from Inspiring Leaders
    • Gain trust and a competitive advantage in the modern marketplace where values matter
  • Gain global recognition – we promote your achievements 
    • To our global community of organisations and social media following with a reach of 100,000+. As well as, to new and old media all over the world
  • Free powerful marketing materials
    • From logos, certificates, press releases and social posts, we provide you with a host of materials to promote your success far and wide.
  • Inspire Others
    • We will provide you opportunities via our global community, events, podcast and case studies to share your story far and wide

Know an Inspiring Leader? Nominate them today – Deadline is November 1st, 2023.

Download the 2023 Inspiring Leaders Entry Pack