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Date posted: 09th July 2024

09th July 2024

Creating a Purpose-Driven Culture to Retain and Engage Talent

Creating a Purpose-Driven Culture to Retain and Engage Talent

In a competitive job market, purpose and values are crucial for attracting and retaining talent. Organizations need to create a purpose-led culture, aligning employees’ personal goals with the company’s mission. Emphasizing values fosters trust and unity, while small acts of recognition and inclusivity enhance engagement and motivation, ensuring long-term success.

The original article was written by Emilio Pera and published in the Middle East Economy.

A few years ago, we witnessed the ‘great resignation’ as people re-evaluated their career and life priorities following the lockdowns and remote work during the pandemic. These events prompted organizations to investigate the reasons behind their staff’s evident lack of job satisfaction, leading to a revision of workforce policies to incorporate greater flexibility—a system that continues to evolve today.

This period was particularly challenging. Balancing the need to keep people engaged and connected while providing them the flexibility to work remotely was a constant struggle.

Even as many organizations implemented positive, people-centered policies, the challenge of keeping employees motivated and engaged to bring their best selves to work persisted.

Linked Purposes

The key to addressing this lies in a simple question: why am I here, and what is my purpose? By answering this, organizations will find that the purpose of their employees is intrinsically linked to that of the organization.

A clearly defined purpose serves as a guiding light for an organization, providing direction and alignment for all stakeholders. It also helps employees understand the “why” behind their work, giving them a sense of meaning and motivation.

People often seek a connection between their work and their personal purpose. A company with a strong purpose can significantly enhance its ability to attract and retain talent. Employees who feel connected with their company’s purpose experience greater job satisfaction and are more motivated to contribute.

Meaningful Contribution

According to a study by the Harvard Business Review, nine out of ten employees are willing to accept a lower salary in exchange for more meaningful work. A well-articulated purpose can also enhance brand reputation, guide strategic decision-making, and ultimately contribute to long-term success and sustainability.

Richard Branson said: “If the people who work for a business are proud of the business they work for, they’ll work that much harder. Therefore, turning your business into a real force for good is good business sense as well.”

Organizations driven by a clear purpose and that recognize people as their greatest asset are more likely to be successful. However, it is up to the organization to involve people in their journey of purpose by educating them on why it matters and how each person can contribute towards it.

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