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Elevating employee milestones to supercharge engagement in 2024

January 25, 2024

Meet the Speakers

  • Natasha Wahid

    Head of Content


  • Matt Manners

    Founder and CEO

    Inspiring Workplaces


  • 4:00pm GMT

    Intro by Matt Manners

  • 4:10pm GMT

    Talk by Natasha Wahid

    Natasha Wahid is the Head of Content at Blueboard. She’s a natural storyteller who found her niche helping companies connect to their audiences through thoughtful communication. She believes in building spaces—both personal and professional—where people can be their full selves without fear or shame. She’s a seasoned speaker who’s presented at marketing conferences across the U.S. and is an alum of the incredible Shine Bootcamp (google it!)

    When she’s not writing words for work, you’ll find Natasha hiking in the BC mountains, reading, laughing with friends, guzzling black coffee, and chasing sunshine.

    Elevating employee milestones to supercharge engagement in 2024

    Are you being asked to drive efficiency, make sure employees are engaged, and drive business outcomes… but for less money or while cutting costs? If so, you’re not alone and any people program you introduce has to have a strong impact on the employee experience. One place to start is with your employee recognition. In this talk from Natasha Wahid, Director of Content at Blueboard, you’ll learn how to have an outsized impact on employee engagement with the right kind of recognition. Join us to get strategies for rewarding with experiences, not things, to drive performance, loyalty, and ultimately, accelerate towards the outcomes that drive your business forward.

  • 4:45pm GMT


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