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Date posted: 08th May 2019

08th May 2019

The first “Culture Open Mic Night”

The first “Culture Open Mic Night”

On the 1st May we hosted the first Culture Open Mic with our partners Totem at their brand new studio in the historical tanneries!

Why an open mic night you ask? Well we celebrated the good (and the bad) in all things culture, in a relaxed and collaborative environment and quite literally handed the mic over to the audience. We had a line up of awesome speakers but also had impromptu speakers from the audience who were inspired to share their stories of what they have done about culture in their own worlds of work.

Speakers had just 5 minutes to share their best possible learnings with us all, which included:

  • How they built their engaging cultures
  • What can we learn from failure
  • How to really nail comms
  • Where diversity fits in to culture
  • How to turn a big ship
  • What even is flexible working?

A summary video of the event can be seen below: