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Date posted: 13th May 2020

13th May 2020

How to ensure employees feel secure when returning back to work

How to ensure employees feel secure when returning back to work

As the smoke begins to clear around the Covid-19 impact, there will be many organisations preparing to reopen and return to business as usual. For employees and managers, however, the fear and uncertainty may still remain.

Authors Rich Armstrong and Steve Baker have addressed these looming issues and have identified 4 key ways to reassure employees as they begin the process of return.

From the Article: 

Chatter around the workplace these days is filled with questions: Will I get sick? Will I have a job tomorrow? Can I afford to pay my rent?

What can you do when you’re facing fear in the workplace? The good news is that you can turn to four key principles: 1) transparency, 2) financial discipline, 3) trust and respect for people, and 4) a forward-focused approach. If you want to take fear out of the workplace, consider the following steps:

Embrace transparency. “Open-book management” is the idea that everyone inside your organization will be taught to understand the numbers that drive its success. Many growing business owners can be reluctant to share the truth about the financials inside their business, but they don’t realize the kind of risks they take with this approach. They take on the burden of keeping the business alive — solo. In many cases, CEOs and owners are forced to shut the doors of the business to the shock of their associates, who are then left to wonder if they could have done something to contribute to a different outcome.

That’s why it’s amazing what happens when you have the courage to share the news — good and bad — with your people. Treat them like adults. Get their attention directed toward what they can do to help, versus panicking. Plus, the more eyes you have on a problem, the more ideas you’ll have to solve it. It’s an automatic check-and-balance on the security of your business.

Discuss your cash position. It’s been frustrating over the past few years as we’ve watched startup companies under the guidance of universities, incubators, and even investors embrace the idea that the only way they could grow was to take on debt. Some of you may find yourselves in an over-leveraged position, but that can also be an opportunity to engage your workforce and tell them the truth about the situation. If you do find yourself in trouble, ask your associates for ideas about how they can contribute to cutting costs — and increasing cash flow to the point where you can actually cover your debt obligations. You’ll be amazed at what can happen when you teach your people the rules of the game.

You can read the full article online: Reopening & Returning to Work: 4 Ways To Take Fear Out of the Workplace

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