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Date posted: 23rd July 2020

23rd July 2020

How Drewberry supports employees’ mental wellbeing

How Drewberry supports employees’ mental wellbeing

A lot has surfaced regarding people working remotely during the pandemic and mental health. Lack of communication, isolation and fear of the unknown has added extra stress and anxiety to employees.

One organisation, Drewberry is proactively aiding their employees with this issue by providing consistent, one-to-one communication to their employees as the work from home.

From the Article:

Drewberry is also trying to lower stress levels by trusting staff to take time off and deal with the complexities of working at home, as long as they get the work done.

The organisation is also modifying benefits where possible to fit in with a virtual world, such as turning the weekly office-based yoga sessions into virtual classes.

Additionally, Drewberry offers all of its employees a 24/7 virtual GP service, which also covers their immediate family, mental health support and access to nutritional consultants. The service has been popular during lockdown with virtual GP appointments doubling in the first six weeks.

You can read the article in full online: Drewberry uses one-to-one communication to support employees’ mental wellbeing

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