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Why IWC?

Our new consulting division was created off the back of analysing thousands of award winning case studies for the past decade. We want to be your direct catalysts for transformation, helping organizations like yours thrive in a rapidly changing world.

🌟 Win the Talent Battle: Attract and retain top talent with a Peoplefirst approach.
πŸš€ Boost Business Performance: Inspired employees are over twice as productive.
πŸ’‘ Foster Innovation: Engage your people in shaping the future of your business.
🌍 Fulfill Your Purpose: Align your team with a shared sense of purpose.
πŸ₯‡ Lead the Market: Stay ahead of your competition by working together.
🀝 Build Trust: Strengthen relationships with all stakeholders.

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Perception vs Reality

Unlock unparalleled insights from the world’s top inspiring workplaces since 2015. Our awards acknowledge organizations fostering exceptional people-first cultures, boosting engagement, productivity, and success. Open to all sizes and industries globally, we’ve gathered invaluable, anonymous insights from thousands of case studies, showcasing the best and worst employee experiences

From this has come our powerful PEOPLEFIRST MATRIX, powered by our COMPASS methodology.

We will rapidly guide you toward creating a workplace filled with belief and belonging. Firstly, by helping you establish the perception gap between your leadership and management and how to narrow it. It is impossible to drive change without having a clear direction mapped and knowing where best to invest your time and money.

Even if you are award winning we can help you secure those marginal gains. Ready to elevate your organization to the next level?

PeopleFirst development

To establish a PeopleFirst it’s imperative to delve into the authentic beliefs of the leadership team (and beyond) and their emotional motivators. Within the Inspire Lab session (in-person), we have created a powerful in-person training format, The Inspire Ring, that helps cultivate belief and fosters belonging between individuals. Driving very real and deep connections.

Attendees of the Inspire Lab will:

  • Leave with newfound clarity regarding their personal beliefs and how they align with the organization’s purpose
  • They will gain insights into behaviours that inspire them and others who share their convictions. Connecting these behaviours with the company’s core values and the potential for value-enhancing updates
  • Participants will attain a comprehensive understanding of the individuals they collaborate with, the advantages of inspiration, and the emotional triggers that foster high-performing teams
  • Lastly, they will acquire a collection of inspirational narratives to be disseminated by leaders within their respective teams.

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